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Heat pumps are used for compression or decompression of the gas in order to heat your house. They operate by pumping heat from cold areas to the warm areas. They can actually extract this heat from air, ground or water. In summer, heat pumps operate as air conditioners while during winter, they function as furnaces. In essence, heat pumps combine both the units of heating and cooling all at the same time.

There are three types of heat pumps namely:

 »  Air to air

»  Water source

»  Ground source

Each of the above types should be chosen depending on the region of installation. It means that the person installing any of them should always consider energy efficiency needs depending on the climate of their residence.


We Are Professionals in Heat Pump Services

Before anyone installs heat pumps in their home, they need to consult the best service providers on the same. This is where we come in, helping you to not only install the pumps, but also to make the correct choice of the systems. You will only need to let us know your energy needs and we will do the rest for you.
It is important to note that once heat pumps are properly fixed in a home, then both the cooling and heating issues are solved. However, this solution only comes when you have contacted the best service providers who have the expertise and experience in the field. This is the reason why we have invested in equipping our plumbers, technicians and engineers with essential skills to help them offer quality services.

Our professionals will know how to install heat pumps in a way that you will not have any issues soon afterwards. If in the rare chance that hitches occur after installation, our professional will be glad to offer repeat services. More so, we leave you with advice on how you can maintain the heat pumps to the end that you reduce the costs of maintenance.

Contact Us for Repairs and Maintenance and Heat Pump Systems

If you have already fixed heat pumps, you should always consider going for maintenance services and repairs. This is because these pumps go through wearing and tearing, and it is only wise that you check whether everything is running in order at all times. We efficiently offer these repair and maintenance services, and give insights to our client during and after service delivery.

We Can Handle Big Projects

We are not limited to small household heat pump projects. Rather, we can offer services to big premises and projects. We are able to commit enough professionals to work on your project to the end that it is completed in good time. More so, our contactors will supervise the whole installation project to ensure that quality is achieved in the long run.

We Give You Affordable Rates

The best thing about contacting us for any heat pump services is that we are affordable. We do not run quickly to charge exorbitantly. Rather, we closely work with all the clients’ budgets to ensure that everyone ends up receiving the services that they need. Actually, amongst all our competitors, we have the reputation of offering the most reasonable rates in heat pump services.


We do not take ages to complete your project. We have known that our clients want us to keep time during service delivery. It will therefore take a very short time to evaluate you heat pump needs, and come up with quick and efficient solution for you.

Heat pump systems play a very important role in ensuring that your home temperature is good. As a result, life becomes worthwhile living once you find the right people to install and maintain the systems. We exist to help you enjoy your life by offering the best, efficient and quality and affordable heat pump systems