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We are a very modern plumbing company that is set to solve all your plumbing needs and queries. We specialize in a number of services in our company with the aim of ensuring that the best is given to you. This way, we are able to reach a large number of clients who may have different set of needs. This has seen us to be among the top in this industry because we do not compromise on quality at any given time. Some of the services that we offer are inclusive of:

Unblocking & CCTV Inspection

That is a service that is offered by the best in our company. The one thing that is very unique in our company is that we retain and have within our walls some of the highly qualified technicians and engineers. The good thing about this is that there is no guess work whatsoever about the quality of service that we will be offering.

Bathroom Fittings & Kitchen Installers

The bathroom is a very important room in each and every household. The same case applies to the kitchenBathroom Fittings where most of the meals will be prepared from. We understand the relevance of these rooms at home and also the need for them to look at their best. The kitchen for instance, is one room that you spend quite a considerable length of time in your life, especially if you are the kind who will enjoy the time testing new recipes. It is for this reason that we are offering this remarkable service of providing and ensuring the right bathroom fittings is installed.

The bathroom for instance, has a very huge impact on how we feel and our outlook of things. For this reason, it is wise to keep the bathroom as attractive and organized as possible. We not only do the graphics of your bathroom, when requested to, but we also help you to choose the best fittings on offer. This way, we ensure that you have quite the taste to leave you with the best feeling.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are something that may be you have used at some point. When you are heating your house using the pump or heating your swimming pool, you are enjoying one of the services that we very effectively offer. Heat pumps have been preferred by many people because for once they are very environmental friendly. This is very important especially at this time when the world is trying as much as they can to go green. Instead of going for the heating systems that will have to use fuel, you just ask us for advice on how to keep yourself warm, while you save the environment from greenhouse gases and deforestation at the same time.

In addition, these water pumps are very much preferred because you do not have to install a cooling system in addition to the heating system. This is because the same heat pump can be used to cool the house with much ease. Therefore, it is very economical to purchase as compared to some of the air conditioning systems that some people are using.

Solar Geysers

The solar geysers are something that has gained a lot of popularity over time. We can help you to decide the exact one that will fit your needs the most. This is very important because at the end of the day, you want something that will give you the highest satisfaction. Most of these equipments require regular maintenance and servicing. Our company will not only install but will also ensure proper maintenance is done.