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Home drainage as well as appliance fittings and installation can be a bit cumbersome. This is more so if you have absolutely no idea on how to go about it. It goes without saying however, that this is very important because the fittings have become the current trend. This is because they tell a lot about your house and your home in general. You do not have to worry about this anymore because we are there to ensure your house is tailored to fit your likes. We also perfectly understand that at times, you may not be in a position to pinpoint the exact item or a set of fittings that you require for your house. Well, you have to agree with us that it is not every person who is endowed with an artistic eye.

It is for this reason that we make it our responsibility to help you arrive at the ultimate answer to your queries. Therefore, you can enjoy our services just by contacting us or you can also learn a lot from our website.

Our Specialized Services


We are very skilled in a variety of services. For instance, our qualified technicians will ensure you get the best kitchen fittings as well as installations. This is something that we do not compromise with especially due to the fact that it reflects a lot on you as a person. Therefore, we send in our best personnel to not only do the fixing, but to also assess the appropriate fittings to use. Of course for us to do this, we must give a very keen interest on your preferences.

This is a place where we input on our remarkable listening skills and understand the exact picture in your mind based on your specifications and expressions. We also service and install solar geysers. Sometimes you realize that your house requires that extra appliance or installation to make it as comfortable as it can be. If you are in for some heating, then we have just the thing for you. We also specialize in heat pumps that you can comfortably use to heat your use trough heat transmission. In addition, you can also use the appliance to cool your house especially if the summers are unbearably hot. This is a property that really makes the heat pumps very adorable since you can use them in either of the functions without necessarily having to install different systems. We also offer the service of drain unblocking.

This is something that can be quite annoying actually especially with visitors around. To avoid this sought of embarrassment, we are well equipped with our CCTV systems that we use to inspect and unblock the drains.

Plumbing Services


Plumbing ServicesWell, at one time or another, you must have required some plumbing services. This is no shame at all, especially since it is a common thing to people with drainage systems in their houses. Well, this is a common problem that can turn sour if at all you let it out of hand. Some of these things you can do on your own, but in most cases the services required are a bit cumbersome. Now this is where we come in. Our skilled experts will come to your venue within the shortest time possible.

We can use our CCTV to inspect the situation and also check what could be held in your drainage depending on the situation. Within no time, your drainage system will be as good as new. All this will cost you very little since we consider our clientele in such a way that our entire pricing are very affordable to ensure we give you the highest satisfaction ever.